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Why hire a day-of event coordinator? Weddings are very different today and event coordinators do more than just "send you down the aisle". Hire a professional to handle all of the details including ensuring your vendors arrive on time, are set up correctly, execute your vision to perfection and your bridal party knows your plan! Handling 10+ vendors isn't for someone inexperienced! Not to mention - you will be stress free because I will handle all of the last minute "fire drills" and communicate to your family members with ease! It's better to get someone objective that can execute your wishes smoothly and wrangle your groomsmen when needed! :) 


Is it expensive to hire a day-of event coordinator? It is more expensive to NOT hire a day - of coordinator! A seasoned event planner, can help you avoid last minute charges, and help you connect with reasonable and dependable event professionals. Brides consistently tell me this is the best use of their money! 


Will my venue's event coordinator suffice for a "day-of coordinator"? Maybe. But here are some things to consider: Their focus is their venue and they may not be privy to all of your details. We manage all of your vendors and know what they are providing and ensure they execute those details perfectly, provide a detailed floor plan, a detailed schedule, walk thru the venue, are responsible for your small décor items, and make sure that everyone follows the plan accordingly. In other words - we are the "go-to" person on the day of your wedding to handle all tasks. We don't just tell you when to walk down the aisle! We are going to be the first person on site and the last person to leave! We promise - it will be well worth your money! 


How will my day-of coordinator know all of my details? We start with a comprehensive questionnaire which will help us to begin the planning process. Then, we will meet several times to ensure that I am clear on all of your details! I ask very detailed questions based on my experience and won't let you forget any detail! You will then receive the timeline and layout for approval.  


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